Help Save Lives, One Drink at a Time

Providing clean water daily to those in need. Give hope, give love, save lives.

Providing Clean Water to our World Since 1978


We here at Clean Water Project share one common belief, that every man, woman, and child in this world should share the same privledge of life no matter their background. By providing clean water, food, and other health necessities, we are able to extend a hand to those in need and ultimately help them live a better life. 


Joining the Cause

  • When a life is on the line, there is no price too large to pay. While we do joyfully accept volunteers to go out into the field, we do understand that many cannot give that sacrifice.


  • Though donations you too can save lives, and increase the reach of our hand to those who need it. Every donation makes a difference in a human's life.

Become a Volunteer

Help give others a better life and a better future.


Find a Mission and Support It

Operation Zambia

July 15-23, 2018


We will be traveling with a team to the African nation of Zambia to provide clean water filtration systems and brand new clean wells. 

Raised: $8,500

Goal: $10 000

Indonesian Water Mission

September 17-28, 2018


A team of volunteers will be traveling to Indonesia to install indoor plumbing to an entire village! Volunteer applications accepted through August 5th. Sign up today!

Raised: $7,000

Goal: $15,000

Hope for Guatamala

January 7-15, 2019


Join us as we travel down to Central America to help local schools in Guatamala. We will be bringing food, school supplies, and redoing their plumbing and water piping. There is still time to volunteer!

Raised: $0

Goal: $10 000


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What People Say About Us

"Now thats what I call high quality H2O"

Robert Boucher, Jr.

South Central Louisiana State University

"A gift made by an individual or an organization to a nonprofit organization, charity or private foundation. Charitable donations are commonly in the form of cash, but can also take the form of real estate, clothing and other assets or services."

Andrea Guzman